Buffalo a Rock Band of Buenos Aires !!!

Buffalo a Rock Band of Buenos Aires !!!


A Rock Band of Buenos Aires

This band represents the true Rockers of the south. Buffalo is a Band of StonerRock with “deep frequencies” and an awesome riff, their live performance is actually one of the best I have seen in Local Rock Bands of Buenos Aires until now. They have been traveling around Argentina rocking and engaging fans, also visiting Chile, you can read in their Facebook page that they rock in amazing and important festivals  like the Cosquin Rock, where they shared stage with artist as Sepultura. 

The first time I saw them they were just testing sound, my visit here in Buenos Aires made me go so many places!!  I made up a post about that festival the Emergent bands Festival. Guess you haven’t read it, but I have to tell you: What awesome time I spend there hanging a round, I meet cool people, I bought some crazy stuff and of course I took great photographs. 


I even become aliens puke !! 

The band is formed Marcelo Motta on drums and choruses, Federico RM on basses and choruses, and Claudio Filadoro on guitars and vocals. They are actually cool and humble people. I even went to the stage to talk to them before the presentation because I wanted to know who they are, I get off the stage with a smile on my face. 


Marcelo, Claudio, me and Fede, from left to right. 


Claudio is the principal voice and guitar, he got style and a great ability playing the guitar, in middle of a song he just get off the stage and go a round the festival while he was playing the song everyone loved that. And he wasn’t the only one on fire, also his guitar is. 

The Album “Hurricane Season” was selected like one of the best 100 discs of Stoner Rock of all times, with five albums and hundreds of concerts Buffalo is back to bring us more Rock with a whole new Album that is going to be released this august: Paralysis. 


You can easily listen years of trajectory in each song, the evolution and the growth not only musically speaking but also personally each one of the band members. I can’t wait to be again in a Buffalo concert to sing along each song, I’ll be writing more about this awesome band of Buenos Aires just when I get the new Album. 


I some one tell me that Buffalo has a surprise for all their fans…

You can go check out Buffalo’s Albums here


Or also check the Facebook Page